At Cobajay Stables we share your passion for racing hunger for success.We attribute this success to teamwork, attention to detail and passion for all things racing.


Owners are always welcome at Cobajay Stables for morning work and the famous Borris breakfast afterwards for a catch up on all the news.

Hill Gallop

Our all weather hill gallop allows us to work the horses no matter what the weather throws at us.

Circular Gallop

Our circular all weather gallop allows us to do longer pieces of work with the horse to build on their endurance.

Grass Gallop

The grass gallops are ideal for teaching our young horses to gallop on grass in preparation for the racecourse later on in their lives.

Enclosed School

Our enclosed school allows our horses to free school in a safe environment, learning how to jump while gaining confidence all the while.

Schooling Strip

Our schooling strip is a line of jumps which are used to switch a horse back on during it’s preparation.

American Barns

We stable our horses in modern American barns as we find them to be cleaner, better ventilated and more sociable for the horses.

Wash Down Bay

Our wash down bays allow us to cleanse the horses after a hard morning’s work.